Pistol Squats!

by BusyMama on July 24, 2014

I really want to be able to do one but I don’t have that strength or flexibility… at this point in time.   I’ve managed them before *sort of* using a ring as an assist – hold on to the ring (for dear life) and lower yourself into a full pistol, come up.  But I felt like I was relying completely on that ring which really didn’t feel like it would let my body learn how to do them on its own.   It’s always been something I’ve wanted to be able to do just because well, it looks pretty awesome.  Also, it would mean that I have more of a strength balance between my quads and hamstrings/glutes.  Which makes me feel like at that point, I would feel safe to try running again.

Anyway, I decided today finally to look up instructions on how to progress to be able to do a pistol squat and I found some great ones that came with a video

pic from article @ breakingmuscle.com

… and got really, really, REALLY excited!!! Because this actually seems doable.  So, I decided to test myself on the steps to see how far I am at this time and have realized that I’m stuck at the narrow squat.

This is as close as I can get my feet together before squatting down causes me to fall on my ass.  And no judging my epic lipstick pajamas.

Here is my game plan.  I’m going to keep practicing my narrow squats everyday for the next week, trying to get my feet closer together.  When they’re practically touching, I’ll progress to the next step.

This blog post begins my accountability.  I’ve really been needing a goal!!!!



Hmmmmm. Yeah This Title Sucks.

by BusyMama on July 20, 2014

Because I’d way rather just write than sit around thinking about what I want to write about.

So I’m not doing a half Ironman… this year… because honestly, I am not totally sure I want to and also, I’ve come to accept that my body just can’t handle the run at this point and the swim… I don’t even fucking know.  My shoulder and I are not friends lately.

Instead of working on endurance training, I’m just going to CrossFit.  Every day.  Which is weird, but my coach is kind of the shit.  Which has sort of made me soften up on my need to keep trying to train for things that I really want to do but that will probably land me needing surgery and instead give into that workout that I am not the biggest fan of but desperately need… weight training.

I’m having a hard time because I walked out this morning into the garage.  I had to meet a friend early at the gym (not the box).   As soon as I opened the garage door, I got that early morning smell of rain and trees and a breeze blew through…. God, I really wanted to go trail running.  So badly.  It was like, calling me.

And I have to, for now, let go of that.  CONFLICTING AS FUCK.  Sorry.  I wrote ‘fuck’ in all caps and then wrote it again.  What I’m trying for dear life not to say in front of my kid is exploding out here on my blog apparently.

Okay.  CrossFit.  We’re talking about CrossFit.  Focus, Rach.

So.  I have learned that I have a butt and hamstrings and that I seriously for some reason don’t use them and I really want to.  So much.  I hate dead lifts.  They make me battle with my ego because I really want to be good at them.  But I’m not.  So I prefer to refuse to do them.  And it is stupid.  Which is judgy of myself, I know, but I’m just being real right now.  This is the level that dead lifts bring me down to.  And also, now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve always trained cycling on Tuesday which is dead lifting day.   Which is totally why I suck at dead lifting but still.  My ego.  It doesn’t want me to suck at them this badly.



The flip side of this weird drama that lives in my brain, is that I have been starting to get myself to go on dead lift day.  Because as much as I love riding my bike…  it’s one more activity where I’m pulling from my quads.   And because I’m letting cycling chill for a little while and am focusing on posterior chain strength training even though I SERIOUSLY HATE IT, I’m getting a more honest look at why running and I are butting heads.  I have some flexibility and strength imbalances going on.  I have to put in some time reinforcing my weaknesses if I want to be lacing up my Pearl Izumi’s any time soon.

Oh.  I forgot to mention.  I went super blonde.

I can’t take a normal picture.  I’m sorry.

Oh!  So on to the happy part of doing dead lifts and getting stronger glutes and hamstrings!  I injured my shoulder doing stupid things (alcohol is why) and since then have had problems being able to do push-ups because a few muscles are uber tight and seriously pissed off and my entire left arm seems to lock up.  Since I’ve started to learn how to activate my leg and butt muscles and also, ya know, the whole them being stronger thing, I’ve found that if I use them doing push-ups, I can do push-ups completely pain-free.  Which might sound weird when you think about doing push-ups but ya know, the top of a push-up is basically a plank and you use your glutes, which are part of your core, to get good pelvis alignment and so it actually makes sense that engaging them in a push-up would give you a more solid push-up.

Not that I love push-ups.  But it has been annoying  not being able to really do them.

Also, because I have chronic patellar tendinitis, sometimes walking down hills can be seriously hell if I’m not constantly careful with how I step each.flippin’.stride.  My butt is now taking some of that out of my knees.    Which actually makes me finally a little optimistic about pounding pavement and trail again.    Not like super soon, but… sooner.

I guess there’s a reason there are all those motivational memes out there about working your weaknesses.  Whatever.

I need to stop staring at my computer screen.






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